Viridi Organic Skin Protector

Viridi Organic Skin Protector
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Delivery Charged at £3.10 inc VAT for up to 8 Bottles

Viridi waterproof skin protector is ideal for when you are out and about, it keeps your hands protected against 99.9998% of viruses, bacteria and fungi for up to four hours. Any viruses that come in to contact with your hands from infected surfaces will be immediately neutralised.

Viridi provides fours hours of protection against Covid-19 and other viruses, unlike alcohol based hand sanitisers that evaporate in a few seconds.

Viridi is patented and has passed the rigorous EN14476 European anti-virus tests.
• Up to 4 hours protection against Covid-19 and other viruses such as SARS and norovirus
• Environmentally friendly
• Safe for food preparation
• Organic and biodegradable
• Waterproof
• British made
• Non toxic
• Alcohol free
• Skin repair and softening

Viridi is available now from our website in 50ml bottles*, £4.99 per bottle.
* 50ml provides 50 uses


Only £3.10 - 1 - 3 Bottles
£4 - up to 4 Bottles



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