Reg May

01748 712628
I expect the majority of my readers won't even know where Ditton Priors is?  If you've ever been to a fine food shop in Shropshire and bought a pork pie, there's a good chance you may have tried one made in this shop:
Reg May and Son is a traditional family butchers in the heart of Shropshire's farming community, so the customers expect good meat.
Inside the shop there's the usual range of home made sausages etc.:
and if you want a joint:
Reg, or his son Nick, will cut one to order to give you exactly what you want.  But it's the pies that they particularly excel at.  There's quiches and steak pies etc. and one of the nicest pork pies I've ever tasted (and I've tried a few):
What could be nicer than a glass of dry, slightly chilled, farmhouse cider and and this pork pie?
South Road
Ditton Priors
WV16 6SJ
Monday -- Saturday  9--5