Bennett & Dunn | Rapeseed Oil


Our Oil has a gentle creamy nutty flavour.  It can be used as a healthy alternative to olive oil for marinades, dipping and drizzling.  It also cooks at a higher temperature without effecting the many health benefits, character or taste so is safe to use for you and your family every meal time. Unlike olive oil, It is also ideal for roasting, baking and stir-frys.



Better for the environment...

At Bennett & Dunn our seed is grown in an environmentally friendly way. The farm provides a good habitat for insects, small mammals and birds by preserving and planting hedgerows,  maintaining ponds,  building beetle banks and creating wild flower field margins.  

Bennett & Dunn is a zero waste business. Our by-product, called Rapeseed Cake, contains all of the Rapeseed Husks after we have pressed the oil. This is sold to a local farmer for cattle feed.

All of our packaging is either reused to send bottles through the post or is sent to the local recycling centre.

All of our bottles are 37% recycled glass and made in Britain.

By buying Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed Oil you help our environment and support the British Countryside.