Pan seared Finnebrogue Oisin Venison Fillet

Chef: Chris Burt 

Peach Tree , Shrewsbury 

Pan Seared Finnebrogue Oisin Venison Fillet - 

Carrot Purre - Alliums - Chanterelle Mushrooms - Radish - Onion Ash - Liquorice Jus


250g Finnebrogue Oisin venison

Bennet & Dunn rapeseed oil

400g peeled, topped & tailed carrots

1 large shallot

1 medium red onion

2 large white onions 

50ml cream

10g onion ash

2 bay leaves

1 radish

50g salted butter

25g chanterelle mushrooms

5g liquorice compound

200ml game stock

maldon sea salt

cracked black pepper


- With a good glue of Bennet & Dunn rapeseed oil, coat the venison, salt & pepper now please, to your taste

- Bring a pan of salted water to a boil, add the carrots & simmer till soft, do not refresh, instead leave in the water & set aside

- Cut the white onion in to 4 & place in a pan with the cream, bay leaves & salt, reduce on a medium heat until soft & thickened

- Place in a food processor & blitz for 3 minutes, put in a squeeze bottle & set aside in a warm place

- Cut the shallot & red onion lengthways, put on a microwavable plate

- Microwave until they have sorted & start to concertina out of the shell, then drizzle with Bennet & Dunn rapeseed oil, salt & pepper, pop in a pre heated oven for 10 minutes on 200°c

- Drain the carrots, place in food processor with butter salt & pepper & blitz for 4 minutes, put in a squeeze bottle & put it with the onion puree

- In a saucepan reduce the game stock & liquorice compound, bring to the boil & reduce 4/5ths

- Heat an iron fry pan to very high heat, drain residual oil from the venison, then add to the fry pan

- Sear for 1 1/2 minutes per side, drizzle a little game jus & a pinch of butter on it and allow to rest for 9 minutes

- Reduce the heat and add the chanterelles, fry for 2 minutes & place on a tray with venison

Ok - lets assemble - presentation is up to you, but this is how i do it

- Pull the onion petals from the shallot & red onion, place on the plate

- Use these petals & fill them with onion puree

- Squeeze on carrot puree

- Dot around the chanterelles

- Cut the radish & place where appropriate

- Cut the venison & place where appropriate

- Drizzle with the jus

- And finally dust with onion ash

- And for that final bit of decadence add a drizzle of Bennet & Dunn Rapeseed oil & bingo

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